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Welcome to Kerbal Space Yard!

If you're scrounging for parts for your next rocket, we have what you need. Check out the packages or find the parts you need directly. If you're a mod developer yourself, consider uploading your work to share it more easily with others.

KSP Yard has everything a rocket mechanic needs to go to the Mun and beyond!Jeb Kerman


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Recent Packages

Mun Hover Rover 0
zandalls cannon 0
Gabyalufix's quick and dirty miscellania 0
Rusco Inc. Battlestar Kerlactia 0

Highest Rated Packages

White Monkey Kitchenware and SpaceParts Factory 5.0
TiberDyne Shuttle Booster System 5.0
Probodobodyne Construction Kit 5.0
NovaPunch - SIDR Wobbly - Remix Pack 5.0
Kerpollo 5.0