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HSTW 1.75m Gemini

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Description: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad to tell you that development of HSTW Gemini= spacecraft has finally completed. Our most skilled tinkers have thoroughly= re-created 1960's USA Project Gemini spacecraft as close to original as th= ey could. However, as the space technology has highly advanced during last = half of the century, we've been able to pack quite a set of equipment into = the hull making HSTW Gemini a fully operational spacecraft capable of most = orbital maneuvers. It's even able to land on the Mun (no lander legs needed= !) -- and to get back home safely! The add-on contains: A parachute slightly stronger than a standard one which ensures a safe land= ing even in the mountains area, Command pod itself, A special decoupler, An ASAS module, Small liquid fuel tank with enough fuel to land on the Mun, take-off and ge= t back home, Small and sturdy liquid fuel engine (survives a Mun landing at 3-4 m/s vert= ical speed), And an optional compact 1.75m decoupler to attach NovaPunch or Saturn V 1.7= 5-meter parts to a spacecraft. As the parts are intended to be used together with no mixing with other par= ts sets, they all (except the pod) are installed into 'Utility & Scientific= ' VAB section."


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Title Author Cost Mass Crash Tolerance Drag Max Temp
Compact 1.75m Decoupler 975 0.8 9 0.2 3400
Gemini ASAS 2300 0.8 9 0.2 3400
Gemini Decoupler 975 0.6 9 0.2 3400
Gemini Engine 850 1 20 0.2 3600
Gemini Fuel Tank 550 1.2 6 0.2 2900
Gemini Parachute 422 0.3 12 0 3100
Gemini Pod 1600 1 14 0.2 3400