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C7A-EFS-1 External Fuel System

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Package: C7 Aerospace Pack - Experimental Version 3

Package Tags: Spaceplane

Description: Designed to run fuel from once place to another. They include helpful arrows to show the direction of fuel travel. Once more our engineers assure us this is an original design and in no way painted black to hide it's original origins. We found it, honest.


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Parameter C7A-EFS-1 External Fuel System FTX-2 External Fuel Duct
Cost 250 250
Manufacturer C7 Aerospace Division FLOOYD Dynamics Research Labs.
Mass 0.05 0.05
Crash Tolerance 12.0 12.0
Maximum Drag 0.02 0.02
Max Temp 3600.0 3600.0
Max Length 10.0 10.0