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Advanced S.A.S Module

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Description: After many years of research, STEADLER Corps rocket scientists discovered that Kerbal crewmembers just can't be trusted to keep a spacecraft under control. The Advanced S.A.S Module adresses that issue by correcting flight controls continuously. It is highly recommended that crewmembers are kept unaware of the presence of such a device, as experience shows that many Kerbals will see that as a 'challenge to their flying prowess'.


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Parameter Advanced S.A.S Module Advanced S.A.S Module
Cost 2300 2300
Manufacturer STEADLER Engineering Corps STEADLER Engineering Corps
Mass 0.2 0.8
Crash Tolerance 9.0 9.0
Maximum Drag 0.2 0.2
Max Temp 3400.0 3400.0
Fuel Cross Feed True False