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RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster

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Package: Silisko Edition

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Description: While considered by some to be little more than "a trash bin full o' boom", The RT-10 is used in many space programs, whenever the need to save cash is greater than the need to keep astronauts alive. Use with caution, though. Once lit, solid fuel motors cannot be put out until the fuel runs out.


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Parameter RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster
Cost 200 450
Mass 2.0 1.8
Crash Tolerance 7.0 7.0
Maximum Drag 0.3 0.3
Max Temp 3600.0 3600.0
Max Thrust 140.0 130.0
Heat Production 350.0 550.0
Dry Mass 0.125 0.36
Fuel Consumption 4.0 4.0
Fuel 120.0 100.0