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'Rafiki' A.S.A.S. Module

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Package: White Monkey Kitchenware and SpaceParts Factory

Package Tags: Light Spaceplane

Description: After serving many years as automated garage gate opening computer, the venerable 'Rafiki' computer has been repurposed for space travel! It is 13.5% more likely to keep your rocket on course than an average Kerbal.


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Parameter 'Rafiki' A.S.A.S. Module Advanced S.A.S Module
Cost 2300 2300
Manufacturer White Monkey Kitchenware and SpaceParts Factory STEADLER Engineering Corps
Mass 1.0 0.8
Crash Tolerance 9.0 9.0
Maximum Drag 0.3 0.2
Max Temp 3400.0 3400.0