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Hope Canard

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Package: White Monkey Kitchenware and SpaceParts Factory

Package Tags: Light Spaceplane

Description: Recent installment of cooling fans at the factory has inspired many new aerodynamic solutions. The canards are a prime example - although small they provide much needed balance to the Hope Shuttle design.


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Parameter Hope Canard AV-R8 Winglet
Cost 500 500
Manufacturer White Monkey Kitchenware and SpaceParts Factory Kerlington Model Rockets and Paper Products Inc.
Mass 0.02 0.08
Crash Tolerance 50.0 12.0
Maximum Drag 0.2 0.0
Max Temp 3400.0 3400.0
Deflection Lift Coeff 0.45 0.4
Breaking Force 50.0 0.0