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Failcan Upper Decoupler

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Package: CBBP Sky Penetration Company

Package Tags: Heavy Realistic

Description: This device is sort of like the services module for the Durgun Capsule. It holds extra fuel for orbital adjustments and travel. It also hold spare RCS fuel so the Capsules is not depleated. It also holds slots for Parachutes and other utilities.


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Parameter Failcan Upper Decoupler TVR-1180C Mk1 Stack Tri-Coupler
Cost 1200 680
Manufacturer cBBp Sky Penetration Co.
Mass 0.5 0.8
Crash Tolerance 10.0 12.0
Maximum Drag 0.2 0.3
Max Temp 3400.0 3400.0
Dry Mass 1.0 0.0
Fuel 500.0 0.0
Fuel Cross Feed True True